Slow Down Cellular Aging

Beauty is only skin deep…

Well actually it is cell deep. Optimum health, beauty, and aging are cell-dependent. No matter what age you are now, your cells are ever changing.  Biological age becomes choice age as you enter your thirties and beyond.

Your brain consists of up to one hundred billion neurons.  Neurons are specialized nerve cells with a nucleus, long fibers called dendrites, and axons that send signals so the brain and the body can perform its tasks. Dendrites are fragile and can deteriorate, axons can shorten, and the cell body can wither away making signals impossible.  As you age, the choices you make now can either help prolong or initiate this occurrence.

Choices matter! Taking care of yourself right down to the cellular level makes the most difference of all in keeping our brain and body intact and being the best you can be.  Lifestyle changes can prevent many diseases that affect the brain and the body.  Loss of Skin Elasticity and Diseases like Diabetes, Heart Disease, Cancer, and Alzheimer’s have been linked to key risk factors within your cell structure.

You cannot stop the age process but you can slow it down with these simple steps:

Eat mindfully-choose foods high in Potassium and Magnesium for optimum brain & body function.

Drink Tea-Antioxidants in tea, especially Green & Oolong, help repair your Telomeres, the protective end caps to your DNA strands. As you age, your cells divide in order to repair injuries and your telomeres shorten. Tea helps keep telomere length for better DNA strand protection and less cell aging.

Challenge your brain-take a class, start a new hobby, anything to give your mind a continuous challenge for cell longevity.

Shake your sugar-movement and exercise not only helps you stay in shape but moves your blood sugar along in the right direction, keeping your signals from brain to body in good form.

Go outside-getting out more wards off depression and the need for meds that can shrink your brain.

Sleep-when you sleep, you heal and you ward off diseases like type 2 diabetes & Alzheimer’s.

Stop smoking-carcinogens just don’t help anything & kill cells.

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